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The Ridgewater Pledge

With many years of experience in the property market we have devised the “Ridgewater Pledge” we believe there are crucial steps which enable a successful sale. Any property we market will receive the Ridgewater Pledge, we believe no one can deliver a better service than us.


v A Proactive approach (without being pushy). Not many people like a pushy sales person, however there is a huge difference between pushy & proactive. Returning phone calls, arranging viewings, liaising between solicitors & other estate agents in the chain. All of these things help to speed the sale of the property, it sounds so simple but is crucially important.


v Professional quality pictures, details & descriptions, again an estate agent staple but get it wrong & you could be turning off any potential buyers before they have even looked at your property.


v Honesty, if there is something we believe is hampering the sale of your house, we will advise you. Honest feedback & constructive criticism is invaluable. We also welcome an honest approach from yourselves, if there is anything we can improve on then please let us know.


v Feedback, we will update you weekly on the progress of your property, how many people have viewed your property on the various websites we advertise on. Actual feedback from prospective buyers after viewing the property, how many sets of details etc we have sent out. Remember you can also feedback to us, if there is anything you feel needs to be changed then let us know, feedback works both ways.


vSpeed (a bit like number 1) When someone wants to view, we will endeavor to do this as quickly as possible, anyone viewing your property is a red hot potential buyer & we want them to buy yours! We offer accompanied viewings 7 days a week (where possible).


vThe Offer- When an offer is made, you will immediately be notified in writing. If you accept we will swiftly start the ball rolling, letters to solicitors, yourselves etc. will be issued the same day, your sale will not be delayed by us at Ridgewater. Time is of the essence.

"Can I just say thanks for always getting things sorted so quickly and asking if things are fixed... It's so refreshing! You're by far the best letting agency I've been with and it's really appreciated... The work men always do a proper job are always friendly too. So thank you all for your help! "
Miss M - Tenant